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Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting

April 11, 2016

Off the Floor in the Rules Room

Senate Bill 359 (Senator Greenleaf) Amends the Public School Code to require a school district to develop an individualized truancy elimination plan for a student who is truant before any referral to a district magistrate.

Re-reported as committed: 25-1

Senate Bill 910 (Senator Smucker) Enacts the basic education funding formula developed by the Basic Education Funding Commission.

Re-reported as committed: 23-3

Senate Bill 1154 (Senator Vulakovich) Modernizing the Civil Service Act.

Re-reported as committed: 26-0

House Bill 1589 (Representative Causer) Amends the Fiscal Code to provide FY 2015-16 budget implementation language.

Re-reported as committed: 26-0