Hearing for Review of the Independent Fiscal Office’s Performance-Based Budget Plan for the Department of Insurance, and Executive Offices

Senate Appropriations Committee

Wednesday, January 11 | 10 a.m.

Hearing Room 1


10:00am – 10:05am       Call to Order
10:05am – 10:30am       Department of Insurance Performance-Based Budget Plan
                                             • IFO Remarks/Presentation
                                                   o Matt Knittel, Director
                                                   o Brenda Warburton, Deputy Director
                                            • Agency Remarks
                                                   o Michael Humphreys, Acting Insurance Commissioner
                                                   o Mark Lersch, Director of Administration
                                                   o Anu Upadhyaya, Fiscal Management Specialist
                                                   o Laura Slaymaker, Deputy Insurance Commissioner, Office of Liquidations, Rehabilitations and Special Funds
10:30am – 10:55am      Executive Offices Performance-Based Budget Plan
                                          • IFO Remarks/Presentation
                                                    o Matt Knittel, Director
                                                    o Brenda Warburton, Deputy Director
                                          • Governor’s Budget Office
                                                    o Joshua Naylor, Director of the Bureau of Quality Assurance
                                                    o Mike Wood, Director of the Bureau of Performance, Revenue, and Program Analysis, Governor’s Budget Office
                                          • Office of Administration
                                                    o Michael Newsome, Secretary
                                                    o John Gasdaska, Acting Deputy Secretary, Human Resources and Management
                                                    o Patricia Chapman, Acting Deputy Secretary, Information Technology
                                           • Office of the Inspector General
                                                     o Lucas M. Miller, State Inspector General
                                           • Pennsylvania Human Relation Commission
                                                     o Chad Lassiter, Executive Director
                                                     o Zulay Rojas, Special Assistant to the Executive Director
                                            • Council on the Arts
                                                     o Karl Blischke, Executive Director
                                             • Office of General Counsel
                                                     o Theron Perez, First Deputy General Counsel
                                                     o Rodney Akers, Deputy General Counsel

10:55am – 11:00am     Future Board Business
11:00am                       Adjournment


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