Meeting to consider SB 366, SB 698, SB 1080, SB 1160, SB 1177, SB 1207, SB 1269 and HB 829

Senate Appropriations Committee

Monday, July 1, 2024 | Off the Floor

Rules Committee Conference Room


SB 366 (L. Williams) Amends the Public School Code to require the data used to calculate the annual
distribution of the Secondary Career & Technical Education subsidy to be fixed as of the first day of June
preceding the school year in which the allocation occurs.

SB 698 (Robinson) Amends Title 34 (Game) by allowing the Pennsylvania Game Commission to make
licensing exemptions for events involving members of the armed services and disabled veterans.

SB 1080 (Culver) Amends the Vital Statistics Law to authorize practical nurses to pronounce the death
of patients in hospice care.

SB 1160 (Mastriano) Amends Title 38 (Holidays and Observances) designating March 29th as Vietnam War
Veterans Day.

SB 1177 (Dush) Amends the Unemployment Compensation Law to require the inclusion of additional data in
the annual Unemployment Compensation report.

SB 1207 (Aument) Amends the Public School Code establishing the Cell Phone Lockable Bag Pilot Program.

SB 1269 (Aument) Amends Title 3 (Agriculture) to establish the Agriculture Innovation Grant Program and the
Agriculture Innovation Board.

HB 829 (Gergely) Amends the Liquor Code to make omnibus revisions

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