Meeting to consider HB1393, HB1630, HB1731, HB1829, HB1866, HB1988, HB2079, HB2216, HB2361, HB2458, HB2586, HB2633, and HB2800

Senate Appropriations Committee

Tuesday, October 25 | Off the Floor

Senate Chamber


HB 1393 – (Struzzi) Amends the definition of drug paraphernalia in the Controlled Substance, Drug,
Device and Cosmetic Act to expressly exclude any testing product utilized in determining whether a
controlled substance contains chemicals, toxic substances or hazardous chemicals in quantities which
can cause physical harm or death.

HB 1630 – (Fritz) Amends the Human Services Code relating to audits of pharmacy benefit managers.

HB 1731 – (Mizgorski) Establishes the Pennsylvania Advisory Committee on Greater Father Involvement
within the Joint State Government Commission.

HB 1829 – (Ecker) Amends the Child Labor Act by modernizing the work permit issuing process to
eliminate the requirement that minors appear in-person to sign the permit and be examined by the
issuing officer.

HB 1866 – (Boback) Amends Titles 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) and 67 (Public Welfare) to
provide for judicial determinations, services and data collection relating to older foster youth and
their transition out of foster care.

HB 1988 – (Owlett) Amends Titles 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) and 53 (Municipalities Generally)
to allow for the certification of campus police officers by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education
and Training Commission.

HB 2079 – (Delozier) Amends the Pennsylvania Construction Code to allow for the use of refrigerants
approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

HB 2216 – (Mizgorski) Amends Title 74 (Transportation) to consolidate all current statutes governing
the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Bank and the State Railroad Infrastructure Bank.

HB 2361 – (Pennycuick) Amends Title 38 (Holidays and Observances) to recognize and designate June
12 of each year as “Women Veterans Day.”

HB 2458 – (White) Establishes the Philadelphia Liquid Natural Gas Export Task Force.

HB 2586 – (Boback) Amends Title 38 (Holidays and Observances) to recognize and designate March 29
of each year as “Tuskegee Airmen Commemoration Day.”

HB 2633 – (Topper) Amends Title 5 (Athletics and Sports) by repealing the Uniform Athlete Agent Act,
establishing the Revised Uniform Athlete Agent Act and repealing and reestablishing Article XX-K of
the Public School Code with revisions in the title.

HB 2800 – (Hickernell) Amends the Medical Practice Act pertaining to the licensure of prosthetists,
orthotists, pedorthists and orthotic fitters.

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