Meeting to consider HB 284, HB 397, HB 609, HB 668, HB 1059, HB 1103, HB 1328, HB 1630, HB 2057, HB 2086, HB 2214, HB 2293, HB 2398, HB 2447, HB 2484, HB 2528, and HB 2648

Senate Appropriations Committee

Wednesday, October 26 | Off the Floor

Senate Chamber


HB 284 – (Metcalfe) Amends Title 37 (Historical and Museums) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
Statutes to modernize the History Code.

HB 397 – (Owlett) Amends Title 35 (Health and Safety) to expand the process by which a municipality
may reject a tax credit to include adoption of a resolution.

HB 609 – (Emrick) Amends the Engineer, Land Surveyor and Geologist Registration Law to provide for
updates to the practice of engineering, engineer interns and distance education and
expands exemptions for licensure and registration.

HB 668 – (James) Adds a member from the coal refuse energy and reclamation industry to the Mining
and Reclamation Advisory Board.

HB 1059 – (Hickernell) Amends Section 325 of the Tax Reform Code to increase the threshold requirement
for the declaration of estimated tax.

HB 1103 – (Gillespie) Amends the Self-Service Storage Facility Act to provide for late fees and advertising

HB 1328 – (Greiner) Amends the Certified Public Accountant Law of 1947 to update provisions relating
to peer review requirements, code of ethics and education courses.

HB 1630 – (Fritz)  Amends the Human Services Code relating to audits of pharmacy benefit managers.

HB 2057 – (Roae) Amends Titles 15 (Corporations and Unincorporated Associations) and 54 (Names)
to update corporation laws and related provisions.

HB 2086 – (Kerwin) Amends Title 51 (Military Affairs) to allow for the operation of state-owned vehicles
by Pennsylvania National Guards members.

HB 2214 – (Klunk) Amends Title 67 (Public Welfare) to render certain indemnification clauses
unenforceable in government contracts between county children and youth
agencies and entities that provide children and youth services.

HB 2293 – (Bonner) Amends the Health Care Facilities Act by establishing powers and duties of the
Department of Health to oversee temporary health care services agencies.

HB 2398 – (Oberlander) Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) to authorize the operation of highly automated vehicles
in the commonwealth.

HB 2447 – (Benninghoff) Establishes the Russia and Belarus Divestiture Act to require the State Treasurer,
Public School Employees’ Retirement System, State Employees’ Retirement System
and Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System to divest public funds from Russian
and Belarusian investments.

HB 2484 – (Mizgorski) Amends Title 65 (Public Officers) to require the submission of a statement of
financial disclosure to write-in candidates receiving a nomination or being elected
to an office.

HB 2528 – (Struzzi) Amends Title 58 (Oil and Gas) making changes to remain in compliance with federal
funding requirements and updating the Oil and Gas Well Plugging Grant program.

HB 2648 – (Lawrence) Amends the Administrative Code to require the Inspector General to investigate
instances of actual or attempted fraud associated with the unemployment
compensation program established under the Unemployment Compensation Law.

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