Committee Members


Pat Browne, Chair
Kim Ward, Vice-Chair
Jake Corman, ex-officio
Joe Scarnati, ex-officio
David Argall
Lisa Baker
John Eichelberger
Tom Killion
Stewart Greenleaf

Wayne Langerholc
Scott Martin
Bob Mensch
Mario Scavello
Elder Vogel
Randy Vulakovich
Scott Wagner
Gene Yaw


Vincent Hughes, Minority Chair
Judy Schwank, Minority Vice Chair
Jay Costa, ex-officio
John Blake
James Brewster
Art Haywood
Daylin Leach
Sharif Street
Tina Tartaglione

Committee Schedule, Votes and Bills

Meetings and Hearings

Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting - March 29, 2017   [Read More]

Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting - March 21, 2017   [Read More]

Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting - January 31, 2017   [Read More]

Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting - October 17, 2016   [Read More]

Joint Senate Appropriations Committee and Policy Committee hearing to discuss performance-based budgeting and Senate Bill 1341, sponsored by Senator Bob Mensch.   [Read More]





March 14, 2016

Given the size and scale of the Commonwealth’s fiscal operations and recognizing a need for a more thorough review of department and agency spending, Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Pat Browne and Democratic Appropriations Committee Chairman Vincent Hughes have established a subcommittee structure within the Senate Appropriations Committee   [Read More]




May 09, 2012

Better than anticipated revenues over the past few months enabled the Senate to pass a General Fund budget bill for Fiscal Year 2012-13 on Wednesday that makes significant restorations without raising taxes, according to Senator Jake Corman, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.   [Read More]